The artist management and brand partnership agency that helps you slice through the noise of the entertainment industry, ripen your brand, and create juicy collaborations with top-tier talent.

We know that the entertainment industry can be a tough nut to crack. Our three pillars of artist management, brand partnership, and music business education work together to provide a comprehensive approach to the entertainment industry.

Our artist management team is dedicated to helping talent like the Romanian pop rock band VUNK reach new audiences. We work closely with our artists to develop strategic plans for their music, branding, and promotion, and we use our expertise to help them slice through the music industry.

Our brand partnership team is equally passionate about creating juicy collaborations between brands and entertainment projects. We have a deep understanding of both industries, and we use this knowledge to develop partnerships that are sweet and satisfying for both parties. Among the brands we collaborated with are Vodafone, Tchibo, Pepsi, Alcalia, Eisberg etc.

Our music business education pillar is all about helping you sink your teeth into the music industry. We offer a range of educational programs and resources, including workshops and online courses, that provide a juicy understanding of the music business. As partners of Women in Music Romania and co-producers of the MMB Conference and Showcase Festival we bring together industry experts, innovative ideas, and emerging talent, and we’re committed to helping music professionals succeed in this dynamic field.

Watermelon Agency was founded in 2020 by Carina Sava, a highly experienced professional with over 14 years of expertise in artist management, booking, brand partnership, music marketing, and communications. With a Master’s degree in Artist Management from Berklee College of Music, Carina has a strong background in the music industry having managed artists like VAMA and VUNK.

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